states that New York is the most populous city in the United States, with over 8 million inhabitants. It offers so much more than just a home for playing US online casino.

It is home to a racially diverse population and a rich blend of cultures, resembling a micro-earth. It has rich tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.

New York has five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and State Island. Queens is the largest and has a population that speaks over 138 languages! With so much diversity and New York’s high crime rate, one will naturally assume that Queens is not a safe place to live in. On the contrary, Queens Today is the safest of the five boroughs, safer than 40% of U.S cities. Many of the safest neighborhoods in NYC are all located in Queens.

Perhaps it is time to rethink the typical stereotype of Queens been an unsafe place to stay says Hannah from With a population of 2.2 million covering over 280 km square miles, it is the safest county in NYC. Residents can engage in their daily activities without fear of criminals ruling the county. While it is generally safe, some gray areas in the borough have a high crime rate record according to

Safest Neighborhoods to Stay in Queens

  1. Forest Hills – The neighborhood is commonly viewed as one of the safest in Queens. The crime rate here is low, with regular police patrol in the area contributing to it. As a testament to its safety, it is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in terms of population. Forest Hills is home to some great schools and parks. You can play golf, ride horses, and other fun activities in Forest Park during weekends or the holidays.
  2. Jackson Heights – Anyone who stayed in this neighborhood in the 20th century when criminal activities thrived in the area will argue with the stats naming it one of the safest in Queens. Jackson Heights was so notorious it held the title ‘the cocaine capital’ of New York says Petre from

Today, it is one of the safest in Queens. From the end of the 20th century, the crime rate drastically fell in the area. The number of violent crimes also nosedived. One can live in the neighborhood without fear of drug pushers and criminals, constituting a nuisance.

  1. Long Island City – Do not let the city confuse you; it is a neighborhood located in Queens. It is a commercial and residential area. The regular police patrons have worked wonders for the area, decreasing the crime rate by more than 80 years from the height it was two decades ago. Apart from its safe environment, the neighborhood has a vibrant art culture. Lovers of arts will enjoy a move to the area. The community is active and friendly says Jimmy from
  2. Astoria – The neighborhood is a safe place to stay, with a crime rate equal to the city’s average. Many young people are living in the area, due to its close distance to the city. By subway, it is a 20 minutes ride to Manhattan. Astoria has a thriving nightlife where you can catch fun without undue fear of street crimes, thanks to the NYPD’s street patrols in the area. Astoria Park is a beautiful place to enjoy memorable moments with friends and families.
  3. Sunnyside – Sunnyside is a small neighborhood that is a handy residential area for people working in Manhattan and do not want to stay too far away from their workplace. From Sunnyside, you can spot the towering Empire State Building. It is a safe neighborhood with lots of reasonable accommodations available.
  4. Kew Gardens – It is a cheaper alternative to Forest Hills. Kew Gardens is one of the seven garden communities in the borough. It has a unique triangular shape, which, added to its lovely gardens, makes it a visually appealing place to live. The crime rate in Kew Gardens is low and receives regular patrols from NYPD according to
  5. Bayside – The neighborhood is one of the cheapest places to live in queens, thanks to its affordable housing and low tax on properties according to Restumping Melbourne. It is a lovely place to stay for families on a budget, as some of the best public schools in Queens are in the area. The only drawback is the dense population in the area. Surprisingly, the neighborhood is one of the safest in Queens with a strong security presence. Bayside has the lowest violent crime rate per capita in New York.

Why Queens is a safe place to move to?

“Queens is home to a large number of safe neighborhoods where people can go about their normal activities” says Steven from Airbnb Management. The strong police patrols in the area contribute to the low crime rates. Queens has a thriving community with lots of amenities, such as parks and public schools. “Queens somehow reminds us of Australia” says Medical Negligence Lawyers.